The Precious Vision Moissanite Engagement Ring

$767.34 $1,534.68
Ludovic Moissanite Stone

- Color : D
- Clarity : VVS1
- Cut : Excellent Cut
- Assistant Stones : 2 pcs

Band Metal : White gold 14k

It’s Not Diamond. It’s Ludovic Moissanite Stone™

Using innovative, cutting-edge technology we have been able to create Ludovic Moissanite Sparkling Stone™ that cannot be differentiated from diamonds by naked eyes, and can pass the diamond test.

The market price for a 2-Carat diamond can cost up to US$100,000, but for now, Ludovic Moissanite Stone™ costs only 1% of the price.

What Makes Moissanite So Special

- Unscratchable, And can live for a lifetime.



 Gemstones are measured on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, which assesses a gem’s ability to withstand surface scratching.

On the Mohs scale, Moissanite scores a 9.25 - 9.50. Because of this exceptional score, Moissanite is very durable and ideal for everyday wear
Diamonds are the hardest known mineral and receive a 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.

- More brilliant than diamond itself.


Brilliance refers to the appearance of light reflected from the interior of the gem.

Unbelievably, Moissanite is more brilliant than Diamond itself with a refractive index of 2.62 that can make it shine like you never seen before.
Diamond refractive index is 2.42.

- Ludovic Moissanite can pass diamond test

Diamond Test


You can buy Diamond Selector II and try yourself, or by the help of any local jeweler of yours, and if it doesn’t pass the test, we are committed to give you a full refund

- Cannot be differentiated from diamond with the naked eye




Yet Ludovic Moissanite is Only 1% - 10% Of Diamond Price!


Moissanite cost 90% Less than Diamond. 2-Carat of Diamond cost up to $100,000


Moissaite is very rare in nature. Ludovic Moissanite is Lab-grown gem stone and has zero affiliations with the conflicted history of Diamond Diamond mining causes environmental devastation. There are many unethical labor practices and violence

We've got you covered!

Ludovic is dedicated to creating and delivering socially-responsible gemstones and fine jewelry that lasts a lifetime. Part of our promise is to provide a first-rate customer experience by making products that exceed expectations. With every gemstone and jewelry item we offer a certificate of authenticity and warranty of 3 years, so you can enjoy your Moissanite with confidence.

Package Includes 

- Elegant Bag
- Luxurious Box
- GRA Envelope
- GRA authenticity Certificate
- Warranty Card

30-Days Money back

At Ludovic, we offer complimentary 30 - days returns, so that you can make sure your purchase is just the right choice for you. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. We take pride that our jewelry is produced with exceptional standards that allows us to go with such policies with confidence.

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- What is the ring band or any other Ludovic jewelry made of ?

You can choose between 14k White Gold or high quality Platinum-Plated Silver.

Platinum-Plated Silver is one of the best materials in the jewelry industry and may match white gold in terms of the ability to resist interactions with heat, weather and chemicals that can come into contact with the ring as a result of wearing it, Also it remains shiny without a change in color for a lifetime

- How do I make a purchase?

Ordering online from LUDOVIC™ is easy! When viewing an item, simply add to cart, then proceed to checkout. There you will then be directed to complete the Shipping address, shipping method, and payment method. A confirmation email and SMS will be sent to your registered email and phone number containing the contents of your order!

- Is my payment information secure?

The details provided to will not be shared with any third parties under any circumstances. All data is subject to rigid data protection regulations. All details entrusted to LUDOVIC are solely used to ensure that the company continues to up hold personalized service to make your shopping experience the most convenient possible.

All sensitive data transferred to and from is encrypted using the most modern technology (SSL 128-bit). For security reasons, Checkout system does not save credit card information. The data is immediately passed to the company’s payment systems, PayPal , for payment processing.

- What if there’s a problem with my order?

If there are any issues with your order at all, please reach out to our team at where we will be available Monday to Friday to help you resolve your issues as soon as possible.

- Can I make changes to my order?

Our orders are processed within 24 - 48 hours during business days. If you reach out to us before the item has been processed, we can help you make changes. But if your order has been processed and shipped out, we won’t be able to make any changes.

- What delivery options are there?

We offer the following delivery options:

Free Shipping ( 10 - 15 ) Days
Standard Shipping + Priority Processing
FedEx Shipping ( 3 - 7 ) Days +Priority Processing + Shipping insurance

Processing and dispatch takes approximately 3-5 business days.

*Please allow up to 7 days extra if the material chosen is gold, these additional processing days consumed in extra detailing and more quality-check tests.

- Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship our products globally.

- How long will it take to deliver my products?

When you place an order for a Ludovic product, work begins immediately on your Moissanite stone as each is handmade by our experts. Completion and dispatch takes approximately 3-5 business days.

We use fast delivery even for free shipping option that gets to you in 5-10 business days.

All orders are double checked before shipment to ensure that they are free from any manufacturing defects.

*Please allow up to 7 days extra if the material chosen is white gold, these additional processing days consumed in extra detailing and more quality-check tests.

- How can I track my shipping?

You will receive tracking number after your order is dispatched at your email and phone number so you can track your order anytime.

- I have not received a confirmation email?

Order confirmation emails may take up to 30 minutes to send. Please make sure to check your junk folder, and add our email to your email list to receive further order updates. If you still haven’t received your confirmation email after 30 minutes, please email us we will get it sorted.

- How long is your warranty?

With every gemstone and jewelry item we offer a certificate of authenticity and limited Lifetime warranty ( 3 Years ), so you can enjoy your Moissanite with confidence.

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