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Your sparkle is our passion. Our globally loved, carefully crafted Moissanite rings radiate elegance. Which one is your perfect fit?

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Crafted for luminaries

At Ludovic Moissanite, we believe everyone deserves their own constellation. Our commitment to quality and style ensures that every gem we offer is a star waiting to align with yours."

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Top 1% Moissanite

Discover superior-grade moissanite; among the top 1% of elite moissanites globally.

1% Of The Price!

Identical in every way to a diamond, but costs just 1% of its hefty price tag.

Passes Diamond Test

Our Moissanite passes the diamond test, maintaining its prestigious reputation.

Lives For A Lifetime

With a 9.50 Mohs score, Ludovic Moissanite stands for unmatched lifetime durability.

Same Presence, More Brilliance

Experience the classic look of a diamond, amplified by an unmatched level of brilliance.

Sparkling Reviews From Our Radiant Customers

Ludovic Moissanite is my go-to for luxury jewelry. Their pieces are timeless and the quality is evident. Absolutely stunning!

Michelle Thompson
CFO of Quantum Finances

I couldn't be happier with my Moissanite ring from Ludovic. It’s elegant, sparkling and just absolutely perfect!

Sophie Roberts
CEO of Berts Marketing Group

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Emily Smith
Creative Director at Canvas Fusion Studio

Ludovic rings are truly radiant! I receive compliments wherever I go. Can't wait to add more to my collection!

Julia Martinez
CEO of Astral Event Coordinators

Scientifically Brighter!.

Moissanite refractive index of 2.65 bends light more effectively than a diamond's 2.42, leading to a sparkle that's scientifically brighter

30-Day Money Back

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Lifetime Warranty

Every timeless Moissanite stone confidently comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Each stone includes a registrable authenticity certificate with full disclosure.

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Encounter a post-sale issue? Our dedicated team is ready to resolve it for you.

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