Ludovic Moissanite

Our Story

In 1904, Dr Henri Moissan discovered this mineral in the crater of Arizona, a material that has almost the same hardness and brilliance as the diamond produced by nature in earth.

Today, Using innovative, cutting-edge technology we have been able to create Ludovic Moissanite Sparkling Stone™ that cannot be differentiated from diamonds by naked eyes, and can pass the diamond test.

The market price for a 2-Carat diamond can cost up to US$100,000, but for now, Ludovic Moissanite Stone™ costs only 1% of the price.

Ludovic Moissanite Ring™

Ludovic Moissanite Ring™


Ludovic Moissanite Ring™

$116.81 $235.68

Customize your item

Have you seen various designs around the internet that you would like to have in Moissanite masterpiece? We custom craft it for you to sparkling perfection! It all starts with your quote request.

When filling out the form provide us with some details about your dream piece. We'll need to know what size you'd like us to make it in, Our form also allows you to attach image of the desired design.

Once you send your completed form, it will be personally reviewed by Ludovic Experts and you'll receive a reply within 1 business day. Over the phone or via email. Start making your dream jewelry masterpiece in amazing Moissanite stones

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