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Ludovic Moissanite Earrings (Free Gift)


Ludovic Moissanite: Diamond's Thrifty Twin

Same Presence

More Brilliance

Comparable Durability

Only 1%-10% Of The Price

Why It's Diamond's Best Alternative?

Matching Diamond in Every Aspect

Scratch-Proof, And Lives For a Lifetime:

Ludovic Moissanite, with a Mohs score of 9.5, is nearly as hard as diamond's perfect 10. This positions them as the only unbreakable and scratch-proof gems on Earth.

Can't Be Differentiated By Naked Eyes

With the same allure and added brilliance as a diamond, Moissanite mirrors the market's rarest, finest Diamonds.
Can you tell which one is the diamond?

Lives For a Lifetime Like Brand New:

An image tells a thousand words, Diamond and Moissanite unaffected even after many years, unlike cubic zirconia. Both are scratch-proof, resisting clouding, and promise a lifetime of brilliance.
Unbeatable Price, Astonishing Quality.

1%-10% Of Diamond's Price:

This is not hyperbole but reality. A high-quality 3ct diamond can cost up to $100,000, while Moissanite is under $1,000. Realize your dream of affordable, exquisite luxury with Ludovic Moissanite.

Outranking 90% Of Regular Diamonds:

Moissanite surpasses most market diamonds with perfection in the 4Cs. While many diamonds are lower quality and milky to suit average budgets, yet still expensive, Moissanite offers perfect color, clarity, cut, and carat at an incredibly attainable price.

Can Pass The Diamond Test:

Remarkably, Ludovic Moissanite® can pass many diamond tests due to its similar thermal properties, reflecting not just its visual similarity to diamond, but physical resemblance as well.
Ludovic Moissanite® Leads The Pack

Originally, We Are A Mega Wholesale Company:

Starting as a mega wholesaler, we provided jewelry to thousands of stores worldwide for many years. Four years ago, we embarked on our retail path with Ludovic Jewelry, and our rapid growth hasn't ceased. Interestingly, the Moissanite you bought locally may have originated from us.

Our Prices Are Even Lower:

The question we often receive is how we can offer such stunning quality at low prices. The answer lies in our roots. Because we started as wholesalers, we can offer prices that simply can't be matched in the market.

Best Price Guarantee:

We assure that our prices are the most competitive for the quality offered. If you find a better price or quality elsewhere, we promise a DOUBLE money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction is our benchmark.

It's like booking Coach, but flying in a

Private Jet

Embrace luxury without the premium price with Ludovic Moissanite. Experience brilliance that rivals diamonds, but at a fraction of the cost. Choose smart, enduring elegance. Choose Ludovic Moissanite – your gateway to affordable luxury.

Proudly Cherishing Our Expanding Family of Customers

You, our valued customers, are our greatest asset. We strive to always meet and exceed your expectations.

Over 100,000 Happy Customers.

Ludovic Moissanite has drawn smiles worldwide, boasting 100+ million social media engagements and over 100,000 thrilled customers. They just can't get enough and keep coming back for more.

More Compliments, More Confident

While diamonds turn heads, Ludovic Moissanite will make them stare, rivaling diamonds worth hundreds of thousands. Prepare for endless compliments and newfound confidence. Join thousands who captivate and radiate brilliance wherever they go.

Unmatched Craftsmanship

Ludovic Moissanite® blends advanced technology with top-tier craftsmanship. Our gems, with VVS1 clarity, emulate perfect diamonds' visuals, with a color akin to D grade, all flawlessly cut and polished.

Certified Moissanite, Lifetime Warranty.

We provide an authenticity certificate and warranty card for your 100% genuine Ludovic Moissanite. Register online to confirm and safeguard against counterfeits. Trust in enduring brilliance.

99.7% Mistaken by Blind Test

Prepare to be amazed as a staggering 99.7% of blind test participants failed to distinguish between Ludovic Moissanite and diamonds, leaving themselves astonished.
Can you distinguish?

What Makes It Even More Special Is That It's

Scientifically Brighter!

Moissanite refractive index of 2.65 bends light more effectively than a diamond's 2.42, leading to a sparkle that's scientifically brighter

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Ludovic Moissanite is my go-to for luxury jewelry. Their pieces are timeless and the quality is evident. Absolutely stunning!

Michelle Thompson
CFO of Quantum Finances

I couldn't be happier with my Moissanite ring from Ludovic. It’s elegant, sparkling and just absolutely perfect!

Sophie Roberts
CEO of Berts Marketing Group

As a creative director, I appreciate meticulous design. Ludovic's ring captured my attention with its remarkable craftsmanship. It's more than jewelry, it's art.

Emily Smith
Creative Director at Canvas Fusion Studio

Ludovic rings are truly radiant! I receive compliments wherever I go. Can't wait to add more to my collection!

Julia Martinez
CEO of Astral Event Coordinators

It's Your Time To Shine With Ludovic Moissanite

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