Why Us

Ludovic Moissanite
High quality - Best prices

At Ludovic, We manufacture the Moissanite stones using the best equipment by professional experts in our labs to provide you with the highest quality Moissanite stones, yet we remain committed to our vision in making the world of jewelry industry and especially the Moissanite industry not only to achieve huge profits, but to enable anyone to purchase a luxury precious stones without the need to pay huge sums that goes into the pockets of those who exploit the jewelry industry by adding high profit margins without paying the costs that reward those profits.
Our goal and vision is reflected in our prices, which aim to satisfy our customers who deserve to have Ludovic Moissanite stones at unbeatable prices for the value of the gems they will own.

To ensure the quality of our products, every Moissanite stone sold comes with an official certificate stating that the stone is original and high-quality in addition to a lifetime warranty card that guarantees the stone remains shiny and without any scratches or changes in color for the life span, and in case you encounter any problems, you have the right to replace the entire Ludovic jewelry product with a new one ( same design and specifications ) At our expense easily.

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