"A Diamond is forever." right? Wrong.

Diamond is dying! According to two surveys done on 100 and 500 youths from all over the US, the diamond popularity is shrinking, and plenty of US citizens are considering diamond alternatives.

What's the problem with a diamond?

There are a lot of reasons why US people are considering diamond alternatives, but mainly two things:
Environment and pricing.

Ludovic Moissanite

Invest in the future

Do You feel like your business reached the peak of its growth, and you can't scale it any further? This is only natural when you're solely depending on diamond only because it is losing popularity since cheaper, better, and Eco-friendly/ socially responsible alternatives show up every day.

Meet Ludovic,

Ludovic is a worldwide Premium Moissanite Jewelry brand trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers and hundreds of stores across the US. While many diamond-based businesses went out of business in the past two years, our partners' sales were the highest!

Ludovic, Moissanite, the future.

Assuming you've been living under a rock, Moissanite is an Eco-friendly lab-made precious stone, and it is the most known diamond alternative. Its increased popularity among US people for its relatively affordable price and diamond-like properties makes it the hottest investment for any jewelry store. We sold hundreds of thousands of pieces between loose stones and jewelry, and the numbers are increasing every day.

For more information, google is your friend.

Less investesement, higher ROI

Although Moissanite's price is 1% of diamonds, the ROI for retail sellers is estimated to be around 30-40% on average, knowing that some retailers set up to 50% margins, compared to 25% for diamond ( in best of days ) with all online retailers dropping the diamond market average margins to less than 20% in 2020!

Why is Moissanite the future of jewelry markets in the US?

Moissanite shreds Diamond at literally everything; Brilliance, price, and it's even as hard as diamond. It can give even you -the expert- a hard time differentiating it from a diamond, and no! your diamond detecting device is useless since Ludovic can pass any diamond test every time!
(watch the video below, or we can send you a sample that you can test
using your device.) Yes! Isn't it fascinating?!

The Diamond test

What do we have for your business?

Our offers

- We offer up to a 30% discount for anything purchased up to 30k USD.
-Please contact us when ordering more than 30k USD.

Free shipping 

Your items will usually arrive in around seven days. We use fast shipping for all our orders. The shipping follow the standard shipping guidelines ( check our shipping policies) 

 The discount, along with the free shipping is applied on samples as well.


The diamond industry has been relatively unstable in the past few months. That is why I decided to collaborate with Ludovic to sell their Moissanite in my store. Although Moissanite is a lot cheaper than diamond, it is still twice as profitable for us retail sellers.

-Natasa, NY city.

Ludovic Moissanite

Our Promise

Ludovic's promise is the same no matter the scale: We will keep supplying our clients with the most premium moissanite pieces. The quality of our products, prices, availability, and support are the best across the market. We value our clients and their clients, and we tie
our growth to theirs.

If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us at: sales@ludovic.shop