Business to business

Ludovic is a worldwide Premium Moissanite Jewelry brand trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers. We've noticed that more and more stores are approaching us to supply them with our Moissanite, this is why we decided to launch our business to business.



In case you've been living under a rock, Moissanite is a lab-made precious stone, and it is the most known diamond alternative. Its increased popularity among US people for its relatively affordable price and diamond-like properties makes it the hottest investment for any jewelry store. We sold hundreds of thousands of pieces between loose stones and jewelry, and the numbers are increasing every day.

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Why is Moissanite the future of jewelry markets in the US?

Moissanite's popularity is growing so fast. This shows in our sales directly, and also indirectly through our partners' sales.

Moissanite shreds Diamond at literally everything; it is more brilliant, a lot cheaper, and can compete with diamond's hardness. In fact, if you test moissanite hardness with a diamond detecting device, it reacts exactly like a diamond stone. you can watch the video below, or we can send you a sample and test it with your device. Yes! it's fascinating?!





Our offers


- We offer up to a 30% discount for anything purchased up to 30k USD.

-Please contact us when ordering more than 30k USD.


Free shipping

    • Your items will usually arrive in around seven days. We use fast shipping for all our orders.
    • The shipping follow the standard shipping guidelines ( check our shipping policies)


      Note: The discount along with the free shipping is applied on samples as well.





      "Five months ago, I heard about moissanite from two clients, then from a friend who also owns a jewelry store.
      I then came across celebrities talking about Ludovic. After hesitating for a moment, We decided to reach out and ask for a sample. This simple decision increased our business revenue by 10-15%. And we're expecting to reach a 20% increased in revenue by the end of the year, as we're getting more and more known for our moissanite jewelry across Malibu city."

      -John, Malibu city.


      The diamond industry has been relatively unstable in the past few months. That is why I decided to collaborate with Ludovic to sell their moissanite in my store. Although moissanite is a lot cheaper than diamond, it is still twice as profitable for retail sellers.


      -Natasa, NY city.



      Ludovic's promise is the same no matter the scale: We will keep providing our clients and their clients with the most premium moissanite pieces. The quality of our products, prices, availability, and support are the best across the market. We value our clients and their clients, and we tie our growth to theirs.



      Ludovic's vision goes beyond the financials. We want to leave an impact on the people and the world.


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