Round 4-Prong Hidden Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring (Yellow Gold 14k )

$789.69 Regular price $1,579.38

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Round 4-Prong Hidden Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring (Yellow Gold 14k )

$789.69 Regular price $1,579.38

It’s Not Diamond. It’s Ludovic Moissanite Stone

Using innovative, cutting-edge technology we have been able to create Ludovic Moissanite Sparkling Stone™ that cannot be differentiated from diamonds by the naked eye and can pass the diamond test.

Prepare to be amazed, as 99.7% of participants in a blind test couldn't distinguish between Ludovic Moissanite and diamonds.

The market price for a 3-Carat diamond can cost up to US$100,000, Ludovic Moissanite Stone™ costs only 1% of the price.

Join our international community of over 100,000 thrilled customers from 100 countries, all enjoying Ludovic's superior craftsmanship and our unparalleled money-back guarantee*

Same Presence

More Brilliance

Comparable Durability

Only 1%-10% Of The Price

What Makes Moissanite So Special?

Astonishingly, What makes Moissanite so special is that it's the same as diamond in nearly everything except the hefty price tag! Check out these amazing facts about it 👇

Scratch-Proof, And Lives For a Lifetime:

Ludovic Moissanite, with a Mohs score of 9.5, is nearly as hard as diamond's perfect 10. This positions them as the only unbreakable and scratch-proof gems on Earth.

More Brilliant Than Diamond itself!

Unbelievably, Moissanite is more brilliant than Diamond itself with a refractive index of 2.62 that can make it shine like you have never seen before, surpassing the diamond's refractive index of 2.42.

Can Pass The Diamond Test!

Remarkably, Ludovic Moissanite® can pass many diamond tests due to its similar thermal properties, reflecting not just its visual similarity to diamond, but physical resemblance as well.

Can't Be Differentiated By Naked Eyes

With the same allure and added brilliance as a diamond, Moissanite mirrors the market's rarest and finest Diamonds.
Can you tell which one is the diamond?

Lives For a Lifetime Like Brand New:

An image tells a thousand words, Diamond and Moissanite unaffected even after many years, unlike cubic zirconia. Both are scratch-proof, resisting clouding, and promise a lifetime of brilliance.

1%-10% Of Diamond's Price ONLY!

The market price for a high-quality 3-Carat diamond can cost up to US$100,000. In contrast, our Ludovic Moissanite Stone™, equalling the best diamonds in 4Cs, is merely 1% of that price.

With Ludovic Moissanite

The Best Price Is Guaranteed

As pioneers in the industry, we began as a mega wholesaler, supplying jewelry to thousands of stores globally for numerous years. It may even surprise you that the Moissanite you procured locally could have originated from us. Just four years ago, we ventured into retail with Ludovic Jewelry, and our rapid ascent hasn't paused. Yet, our prices remain remarkably low, while our quality is strikingly high.

This unique combination often raises the question of how we manage to offer such superb quality at such competitive prices. The secret is in our beginnings. Our wholesale roots have granted us the ability to present prices that the market simply cannot rival.

100% Authenticity

Certified Stones, Lifetime Warranty.

For your assurance and peace of mind, we supply an authenticity certificate and warranty card with every purchase of your 100% genuine Ludovic Moissanite. To further fortify your trust and guard against potential counterfeits, we encourage you to register your purchase online. With Ludovic, you can invest with confidence, secure in the knowledge of our enduring brilliance and the absolute authenticity of your sparkling gem.

More About Us

Over 100,000 Happy Customers.

Ludovic Moissanite has drawn smiles worldwide, boasting 100+ million social media engagements and over 100,000 thrilled customers. They just can't get enough and keep coming back for more.

More Compliments, More Confident.

While diamonds turn heads, Ludovic Moissanite will make them stare, rivaling diamonds worth hundreds of thousands. Prepare for endless compliments and newfound confidence. Join thousands who captivate and radiate brilliance wherever they go.

Unmatched Craftsmanship

Ludovic Moissanite® blends advanced technology with top-tier craftsmanship. Our gems, with VVS1 clarity, emulate perfect diamonds' visuals, with a color akin to D grade, all flawlessly cut and polished.

99.7% Mistaken by Blind Test

Prepare to be amazed as a staggering 99.7% of blind test participants failed to distinguish between Ludovic Moissanite and diamonds, leaving themselves astonished.
Can you distinguish?

30-Day Money Back.

At Ludovic, we provide complimentary 30-day returns to ensure your purchase is the perfect fit for you. If, for any reason, you find yourself unsatisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. Our confidence in this policy stems from the pride we take in producing jewelry to exceptionally high standards.

Shop Securely and Confidently with Our Policies.

30-Day Money Back

Shop worry-free. No justifications needed; we've got the return shipping covered.

Lifetime Warranty

Every timeless Moissanite stone confidently comes with a lifetime warranty.

Authenticity Certificate

Each stone includes a registrable authenticity certificate with full disclosure.

Post-Sale Support

Encounter a post-sale issue? Our dedicated team is ready to resolve it for you.

Ludovic Moissanite is my go-to for luxury jewelry. Their pieces are timeless and the quality is evident. Absolutely stunning!

Michelle Thompson
CFO of Quantum Finances

I couldn't be happier with my Moissanite ring from Ludovic. It’s elegant, sparkling and just absolutely perfect!

Sophie Roberts
CEO of Berts Marketing Group

As a creative director, I appreciate meticulous design. Ludovic's ring captured my attention with its remarkable craftsmanship. It's more than jewelry, it's art.

Emily Smith
Creative Director at Canvas Fusion Studio

Ludovic rings are truly radiant! I receive compliments wherever I go. Can't wait to add more to my collection!

Julia Martinez
CEO of Astral Event Coordinators

It's Your Time To Shine With Ludovic Moissanite

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